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Our Services

The core of our service is DESIGN

Design is what we live for, design is at the heart of what we do. We have an atelier in France that is living, breathing, hunting (at vintage stores), sleeping, eating new ideas.
At our customers' behest, we are looking for those subtle details, finishes, fabrics, prints, embroideries, techniques which make a beautiful product.
Aesthetics are extremely important for us. We travel extensively far and beyond, work with fashion schools to create, create and create more!!

Then it is our amazing team in India which creates furthermore, hunts for more ideas in the local markets and creates new ideas from scratch, goes to fabric mills, printing mills, embroidery units in every nook and corner of the country, to craft clusters to inspire ourselves, and bring all those ideas to life!

NEWNESS is everything! Like Einstein said so rightly "IMAGINATION is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions"

However, we do change our opinions all the time. Sometimes what seems like a great idea today, in two weeks seems like the worst idea ever! We push ourselves, our factories to create extraordinary designs every day!

Our services also include:
- Product development
- Negotiation for price and delivery
- Quality Control and Production Management
- Audit and Compliance
- Logistics and Delivery

Our Process

Our design hubs are in Paris (truth be told, it is greater Paris, a city called Boulogne) and Delhi (well, the suburb called Gurgaon) and our designers are out in the field getting inspired and getting new ideas to nourish our souls and design boards.

Those ideas are presented to our customers who then throw a lot of them out but love a lot of them too.

And this is where our factories come in!

Our amazing factories then take those ideas and bring them to life in form of new fabrics, washes, prints, embroideries, and finally the silhouettes.

We work closely with our factories to ensure they understand each of our customer’s look and processes to ensure a smooth execution of sampling and production runs.


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Our Products

- Fashion clothing for all age groups, and genders
- Home – soft goods and hard goods (Living, Bedroom, Kitchen, Garden and Decoration, Furniture)
- Fabrics
- Accessories like Scarves, Footwear, Leather and Fabric bags, Belts, Jewellery etc.

Soft Goods:

- Bedding, Cushion, Curtain, Table Linen, Kitchen Linen, Bath Linen. Apart from this we are also doing Floor Covering Items like, Rug, Bath mat, Carpet, Pouf, bean bag etc.) as well

Hard Goods:

Metal, Wood, Glass, Ceramic, for different parts of home like:
- Living and Dining, Bedroom
- Garden Furniture
- Special Occasion


All our fabrics are 100% traceable using these fibers:
- Natural fibers like Cotton, Linen, Wool, Ramie, Silk
- Regenerated cellulosic fibers like Viscose, Rayons…
- Man-made fibers like Polyster…
- Different blends of all of the above


- Wood
- Glass
- Ceramic
- Stoneware
- Marble
- Alloys (Brass, Stainless steel, Bronze etc)
- Metals


Vast range (available in organic wherever possible)
- Lighter weights - Cotton Voile, Cambric, Poplins, Light Twill…
- Heavier weights - Denims, Twills, Canvas…
- Mesh, Jacquards, Dobby
- Jersey, Interlock, Rib, Fleece, French Terry
- Super light weight Voile, Georgette, CDC


We have a vast experience in various treatments:
- Tie/dyes, overdyed washed “lived-in” products
- Hand and Machine Embroideries
- Trims like delicate laces, sequins, beads
- Prints from hand block, manual screen, rotary to digital
- We also work with Decal and hand/machine finishes for ceramics and Stoneware

The list is endless. Watch this space for more as we are in the process of cataloguing all our fabric and material library which will be put online soon

Want to create extraordinary designs with us?

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Our Factories

Small and Big ones, but mostly all creative ones.
We work with some really good factories that share our passion for creativity, product integrity, quality, and on-time delivery.

All our factories are fully compliant with local and most international social and environmental laws. All factories are structured around product specializations. So we study each style hard to ensure that it is produced in the right kind of factory. They are all equipped with the latest technology and machines and are fully capable of meeting customer’s needs and demands.

Factories we work with are located in these places:
- North India – Delhi capital region, and Ludhiana
- South India – Bangalore, Tirupur, Salem
- China – Jiangsu Region and Shanghai
- Turkey – Izmir
- Portugal – Porto, Barcelos, Vagos and Alcobaça

“ The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Quality = Savings

For us, quality is our number one priority. We work on one of the toughest AQL (acceptance quality limit) in the world. Very often we work with fabric and dyeing mills directly to ensure our quality parameters are adhered to. We work on point system to check our fabrics.

We work with all the biggest testing labs like Intertek, SGS etc for testing of all the products. Our factories have inhouse mini testing labs to ensure basic parameters like color matching, color fastness, shrinkage etc can be performed quickly. We do our own tests of basic parameters like rubbing fastness and color matching in our office itself.

And in this post pandemic world, we have already re-aligned our services with customer’s expectations of reduced volumes per reference.


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