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“As a company with a conscience, we strive to do the right thing. We love our planet. Every decision aims to make our operations and products as sustainable as possible.”


At Cerulean, we are dedicated to supporting education through substantial contributions to GLOBAL GIVING, a respected NGO committed to empowering grassroots projects worldwide.

Explore GLOBAL GIVING: Global Giving Website

Our involvement extends beyond financial support; we actively participate in fundraising for CSR projects, underscoring our deep-rooted dedication to education. You can delve into one of our supported project's details in this LinkedIn article: Read the Article.

But our journey doesn't stop here. We remain steadfast in our commitment to GLOBAL GIVING, ensuring more children gain access to quality education. We take immense pride in being an integral part of our conscious community, setting a shining example of the profound impact of kindness and generosity.

Together, we can ignite change and illuminate brighter futures through the gift of education.

Making our products safe and chemical free

Currently, 80% of our natural fibres are organic or Oekotex certified. As we grow, we aim to make 100% of our natural fibres organic or sustainable within the next few years. Also, we are moving towards using recycled materials when it is cost-effective and possible.

At present 80% of our factory structure is GOTS or OEKOTEX certified.
We aim to convert 100% of our production factories to be either GOTS or OEKOTEX.

It is well known that fashion is a polluting industry. Despite this, Cerulean believes that every little step will contribute to reducing waste and pollution in the communities in which we operate.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We are moving towards working with factories that reduce, reuse, and recycle and also are striving to be a zero-waste organization.

Like in any industry transport has a huge carbon footprint. We aim to reduce that by using the least polluting transport options available and eventually stop using air freight completely which has a huge negative impact on our planet.

Being in Europe we want to support the European fashion supply chain. We have been using European Linen (certified and traceable European Flax) for over 5 years now for our customers.

We are also researching actively to reduce or use packaging which is either recycled or sustainable and use as little plastic as possible. The fashion industry generates a huge amount of plastic and other packaging waste. We are slowly moving towards using compostable plastic bags and using plastic-free carton tapes.


Opaque was so 20th century. Cerulean intends to be completely transparent in our supply chain.
We ensure our factory structure is above board, known to our customers.
What goes inside each product and who makes the products is very important.

We have processes in place to ensure each of these actors are identified, certified, and audited to ensure the highest standards of safety and compliance.

One of our key axes is to provide employment in India.
We work hard to increase our business not just for profits but also to have a positive impact on our society as a whole.
Indirectly Cerulean supports the employment of close to 1000 people – so if we calculate the human cost of a lost order, it directly translates to lost wages for a factory worker and his/her family.

This journey has just begun, there are many more social and environmental initiatives we are embarking watch this space for more to come...



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